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Coral Springs is a young city with an up and coming art culture and social activities. This proposal brings together urban culture, street art and activity. This would also create a backdrop for visitor’s ‘selfies’ and instagram photos. In order to encourage engagement through photography and social media, we designed a passageway that would allow visitors to interact with the sculpture. 

The suggested material of the passageway ‘Pulse’ is casted iron coated in a bright yellow weather proof paint. The vibrant color adds dimension and life to the ArtWalk, it also serves the purpose of protecting the artwork from the elements and adding longevity to the life of the sculpture. In the evenings, lights will illuminate the sculpture and cast shadows through the lace-like pattern created by the perforations of the piece. This adds an element of interactivity and opportunity for photography, even at night. 

BRASH Collective

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