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Popped Culture

Popped Culture is delineated by a series of ‘through spaces’ that outline the form of a seemingly mundane and everyday object. The project aims to draw attention to the relationship between popcorn and entertainment through the literal use of Popcorn. In the mid 18 hundreds popcorn exploded onto the scene and was available everywhere especially at entertainment sites like circuses and fairs. Now popcorn is highly associated with the movie theaters and entertainment. The proposal is made up of 16 frames at varying heights that highlight the forms of popcorn and ornamental figures. Six of the frames in the series take slices of the popcorn literally, while the ornamental frames create interstitial spaces in between. 

These six frames can be sandwiched together to depict the popcorn volume in its entirety, while the ornamental figures are used to break up the form into an unrecognizable mass. The flatness of the ornamental ‘popcorn’ figural frames is a 2D play on the voluptuous 3D form of the popcorn; highlighting the plasticity and fake-ness of the object, while the colors draw relationships to contemporary pop culture and local street art around the Chattanooga. 

Depth is perceived through the stacking nature of the structure. The multiplicity of the frames give the perception of enclosure while maintaining openness and allowing light to penetrate overhead. Movement through the spaces is highlighted through the changing forms and colors at each frame. The reflective nature of the ‘sliced popcorn’ frames create a backdrop for visitors ‘selfies’ as we live in a mirror culture where today’s society enjoy seeing reflections of themselves. This choice of material finish is a positive play on the mirror while also becoming a way to reflect more light into the space. The slices reflect light and color giving a sense of openness and allowing color to bounce of the adjacent walls. 

BRASH Collective

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