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The proposal ‘Matrix’ provides a playing field that acts as a space that promotes performance and play. Inspired by the game Tetris, Matrix is the space on which the Tetris game is played. ‘Tetriminos fall from the top of the Matrix, and then players turn and move them into their desired places at the bottom.’ The domain consists of multiple structures arranged throughout the site at various scales. When not in use it exists as a sculptural landscape, picturesque amongst the meadows and trees. As visitors access the space, it becomes an interactive playscape for users to maneuver through and around the physical blocks. During performances, the blocks act as seating and gathering spaces. Performers are to use the stage onlooking the landscape as the colorful blocks become populated with people.

The proposal operates at the intersection of ‘architecture, sculpture, landscape, design, public art, and performance disciplines’. In an attempt re-invent the idea of classical ‘performance space’, this project aims to create a performance even without performers. Alone, ’Matrix’ can be viewed as a constructivist dance, its parts wrapping around, fitting and misfitting into one another. However, once the audience involved it becomes subdued and integrated with the visitors.

BRASH Collective

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