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In Flux

'In Flux' is a series of three sculptures proposed for the Cultural Arts Center. Pompano Beach is a lively city known for its beaches and seaside activities. This proposal brings together urban culture, dance and movement with a series of three vibrantly colored sculptures. It also creates a backdrop to encourage documentation of possible outdoor performances with a highly attractive and photographable setting. The center already provides a creative and inspiring setting to work with. Through place making and the involvement of a rooted art culture, we hope to help activate the surrounding community with sculptural pieces that deliver an interactive quality. Considering our interest in the relationship between art and contemporary culture, we support the use social media as a means of display and connectivity to a larger audience. Viewers are encouraged to photograph themselves with the life­-sized figures.

This proposal is heavily influenced by performance and dance. The state of change and movement also alludes to the building form; as there is an evident transformation throughout the openings and structure of the building’s architecture. Vibrant colors attract the viewers gaze, even on an overcast day. The sculptural pieces standout on their own, or all together. The scale of each sculpture relate to the human scale. Each standing at 6’ tall, they dance with the human body. Viewers are encouraged to confront the sculptures, sit, lean and pose beside them.

BRASH Collective

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