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Hidden Figures

ARCH56995 - Elective Seminar

Kent State CAED

Spring 2018


Hidden Figures explores the back and forth process where detailed three- dimensional form is used to generate figural two-dimensional geometry. We will look at objects with delineated volumes and transform these into flattened instruments through digital manipulation and techniques of image capturing. Throughout the course of the class we will investigate representation and fabrication techniques, a cross-over between art and architecture, through the configuration of a 1:1 architectural form.

Design, in the broadest sense, is about our interventions in the spaces and situations that surround us. Our understanding of architecture is determined through experience, in one sense, aesthetically, through the relationship between one object and another. This seminar deals with physical translation from object to image and vice versa. The entire semester’s body of work will be thought of as one continuous project where students go through a process of multiple exercises to understand representation, simulation and digital manipulation. As well as understanding design through sectional cuts and understanding the manual and digital tools to design. The sectional slices serve as layers that will strip the object of its volume through flattening the figure. The techniques employed to flatten and reassemble will play a role in disguising the figure whilst maintaining some familiarity.

Featured Students

Kyle Edwards, Fred Wolfe, Badr Zabarah, Obai Samaran, Tyler Holmes, Josh Fehrenbach, Kayla Barko, Trevor Swanson, Bradley Bowman, Anthony Wahl, Brennan Cox, Austin Marynowski

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